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Wireless DC Controllers for your Model Railway.
Wireless DC Model Railway Controllers.

Introducing the NEW Model 522 Wireless Receiver and Model 720 Wireless Controller.

blueRailways bring you wireless solutions for DC Model Railway Controllers. With both single (Model 601) and dual track (Model 522) solutions, there are multiple options for choosing which way you control your locomotives. Choose the least expensive route and use your existing smartphone or tablet by downloading the FREE blueRailways App available from the Google Play Store. For those who prefer the tactile feedback of control knobs, choose the new Model 720 Wireless Controller which talks directly to the Model 522 Wireless Receiver or two Model 601 controllers. The blueRailways App incorporates a "MODEL 601 SIMULATOR" so it can be evaluated without requiring the presence of a controller. See the App page to download.

Simple Exciting Versatile
Just connect up and go.
No Wi-Fi required or complicated set-up involved.
No numbers to input or remember.
Locomotives work straight from the box - no modifications required.
No longer are you tethered to your layout with a cable. Speed changes are implemented almost immediately with no noticeable lag. The wireless range is more than enough for all practical purposes. The controllers can be programmed with the same common CV's available on DCC (Start Voltage, Acceleration, Deceleration and Maximum Speed for more realistic operation and improved slow-speed running.