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Wireless DC Controllers for your Model Railway.
Questions and Answers

Where are the Smartphone/Tablet requirements?   Any Android Smartphone or Tablet with at least Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and Bluetooth 4.0. It is recommended that the screen resolution is greater than 800*600 and that using a stylus pen may make operating the device easier with smaller screen sizes.  
Where can I download the App?  
Are all locomotives compatible?   The controllers has been widely tested with locomotives from all manufacturers and the only problem was with one loco which had a large value motor suppression capacitor. This worked perfectly after replacing it with a lower value capacitor.  
Will these controllers work with older locomotives?   Not only do these work with older locomotives but it is these that show the greatest improvements in performance. Older non-geared locomotives tend to work in a binary manner - stopped and moving. With the controllers PWM outputs and correct settings, older locomotives can exhibit very good low-speed running. With the Model 601, the Back-emf will be very low on these non-geared motors.  
Can I run more than one loco on the same track with one controller?   Yes, up to the maximum load current. A typical loco may take about 250mA so up to two (522) or three (601) is theoretically possible. However, as with any DC Controller, all locos have different characteristics so they would not all run at the same speed. For the Model 601 the current measurement will be the total current supplied by the controller and the Back-Emf measurement will be distorted as it will be detecting from more than one motor.  
Can I connect more than one controller to the track?   This SHOULD NOT be done except where the track is sectioned, exactly the same as for a standard DC controller.  
Can I use "Common Return" with the controllers?   "Common Return" requires an isolated and different DC supply for each controller so multiple Model 601's can use Common Return provided they have individual DC supplies. The two outputs from the Model 522 can not use a Common Return as the outputs are derived from one DC input. Multiple Model 522's can have one Common Return, again provided they have individual DC supplies. A good article on Common Return can be found at  
Can I control more than one controller with the App?   Yes, although currently the App will disconnect from its current controller when switching between controllers. A Multi Mode is currently under development and will be an update to the App in due course.  
Can the Model 522 receiver connect to two different transmitters (i.e. two Model 720's or two Smartphones) at the same time, one for each track output?   Regrettably it is not technically possible. The receiver and transmitter have to "pair" together to communicate and once paired, you cannot break into the connection. This "pairing" is what provides the very stable and reliable connection. You can't connect your Fitbit to two phones at the same time - same technology.  
Can you get interference between transmitters (Model 720 or Smartphones) ?   As above, once the transmitter (Model 720 or Smartphone) and receiver (Model 601 or Model 522) are "paired" there is a very stable and reliable connection between the two with no interference from other devices. In an exhibition hall, for example, the Model 720 will connect to the strongest receiver signal.  
Will the Model 522 and Model 601 work with Train Detection Systems such as the Heathcote SA7-SB?   According to Heathcote "Should work fine with a PWM controller and no feedback. The SA7-SB will effectively reduce the heights of the pulses to control the speed."  
Where can I get a copy of the Windows 10 App?   The Windows 10 UWP App is currently "functional" rather than customer ready. Microsoft are about 5 years behind Android and IOS with their IOT software, and what they have is flakey, badly documented, unreliable and lacking in features. They release new Developer software on a regular basis in an effort to catch up so current development of the App is "ongoing".  
What kind of Power Supply do i need for the controller?   Call them AC adapters, AC-DC power supplies, wall adapters, wall plug transformers, or wall plug-in power supplies are the most common source of low voltage power. They are the small plastic boxes that plug directly into the mains power socket. Use one where the rating label specifies a DC output voltage between 12V and 15V and a current of at least 800mA. We do not supply a Power Supply as they are readily available and you probably already have one suitable.  
What is PWM?   The controller uses a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output rather than a variable DC voltage. This is EXACTLY the same method used to drive the motor that a DCC decoder uses. There is plenty of information on the internet about PWM and DCC.  
What is Back-Emf?   To keep it simple. When the loco is driven, the motor is acting as a motor and driving the wheels. If the motor drive is switched off then the motor continues to rotate but it then acts as a generator and produced a voltage. By switching off the motor for a very short time, the generated voltage can be measured without any speed change being noticed. This "Back-Emf" can give a measure of the speed of the motor. Because most model locomotives are geared, and at different ratios, the voltages measured can vary and are much higher than non-geared motors.  
Are the Model 522 and 601 "feedback" controllers?   No.