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Wireless DC Controllers for your Model Railway.

Model 522 Model 522 Wireless Receiver
  Model 522 Operating Instructions
Model 601 Model 601 Controller
  Model 601 Operating Instructions
Model 602 Model 602 Wireless Receiver/Controller
  Model 602 Operating Instructions
Model 720 Model 720 Controller
  Model 720 Operating Instructions
  Model 720 v2 Operating Instructions
  Model 720 v3 Operating Instructions
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  blueRailways Version 2.01 APK

blueRailways Version 3.01 APK (28/10/18)
Updated to target Android Oreo (8.0) to benefit from the latest security and performance features of Android.
Better support for larger screen sizes.
Ability to save and recall settings for Model 522.

blueRailways Version 3.02 APK (1/2/19)
Updated to Support new Model 602 Wireless Receiver/Controller
Ability to save and recall settings for Model 601 and Model 602.

blueRailways Version 3.03 APK (6/3/19)
Development - For evaluation only. Do not retain on Android Device as automatic updates will not work !!!

These are provided for downloading and "Sideloading" onto Android devices without access to the Google Play Store.